June 02, 2024

Keep Cool and Stay Chic!

Scarves, They Always Fit

Summer is just around the corner! While most people tend to tuck away their scarves until fall, silk scarves are truly one of the most versatile accessories that can still be part of your warm-weather wardrobe. Here are some chic and br-eazy ways to style your silk scarves this summer without feeling overly layered.

This month we’ve shared some of our favorite looks to add to your summer wardrobe!

1Tank Top Upgrade

Transform a basic tank top into a stylish statement piece by threading a scarf through the shoulder straps. This hack adds flair without adding extra layers.

Start by picking a lightweight silk scarf. Thread the scarf through one shoulder strap, bringing both ends to the front. Tie the ends into a bow or knot at the front of your tank top.

2. Beach Bag Accessary

Add a touch of personality to your beach bag by tying a scarf to the handle. It's a quick and easy way to refresh your look and give your bag a unique twist.

First you want to choose a scarf that compliments your beachwear. Once you’ve picked the perfect silk scarf fold the scarf diagonally then fold it into a flat belt. Lastly, tie it securely around the handle of your bag, letting the ends hang freely.

3. Head-Band

Keep hair out of your face and look effortlessly chic by wearing a scarf as a headband. It's perfect for beach days or casual days at the office.

First, fold your silk scarf into a wide triangle. Place the scarf on top of your head with the widest part covering the front. Bring your hands up to the back of your neck and tie the loose ends into a knot at the center of your neck.

With Love,