Thank you for your business, your purchase allows me to do what I love.
- Tanya

Your scarves are gorgeous!
I love your story and the design of the website.

New York

The presentation of your scarf is amazing. You almost want to stop at the box. You then open it to the "kissed" paper and read the card, which I can relate to almost everything you wrote in your story.

Then we get to the Barnyard scarf, how lovely?! Everything about it is beautiful; the warm colors to the beautiful picture that made the story come to life!

New Jersey

Cealle can be anybody’s Grandmother or Auntie, when I look at this image I think of my Auntie. She wears that same hat and a similar earrings.

Pelham Manor, NY

Just opened it. Love it! Packaging, product! It's great! My daughter liked it too. So proud of you! Congratulations!!!

New Jersey

Gorgeous vibrant colors. Quality fabrics.
Absolutely adore these scarves.


I was apprehensive about styling the Barnyard print on my own. But by the end of the night, unbeknownst to me the scarf had taken on a life of its own. I noticed an entirely new pattern. It felt like I was wearing a totally different scarf. Love the versatility!

Mount Vernon

My husband especially loved the story that came with Grace!


When I look at The Barnyard it gives me peace, I just feel peaceful.

Pelham Manor, NY