Why Silk?

Silk is our ideal choice because its yarns take to dye better than any other fabric. Since silk fibers are more triangular than round, colors appear more vibrant and intense. Silk boasts a unique texture that allows for endless design options. Quality-wise, silk is one of the most coveted fabrics in the world.

Silk is expensive because of its limited availability and cost to produce. The average retail price for a genuine 100% luxury silk scarf ranges between $200 and $600.

Silks offer the best vibrancy; colors are always intensified when using this type of textiles. There is no other fabric, other than silk that takes to color better! Designers love working with silk because of how brilliantly prints appear. 

Silk scarves epitomizes class and femininity. Because of silk's versatility, the investment is well worth the spend. Every woman should have a silk scarf in their wardrobe, it’s the ultimate image of luxury and best of all, “They Always Fit”!

Fun Fact:
It takes an estimated 5000 silkworms to make one Silk Kimono!