December 12, 2022

Parties are back for the holidays!

Parties are back for the holidays!
There’s an abundance of holiday gatherings this year. It’s been three years for a lot of folks since they’ve been able to celebrate with loved ones, friends, and co-workers. People are back in their offices, and back in their closets. Fashion, thankfully, is slowly making a scene again!

If you were like me, over the past three years you traded in your pumps for pumas. My entire wardrobe consisted of athletic clothing. From yoga pants, to joggers, leggings, shorts and sneakers. Every day I was typically dressed up in fashionable athletic wear. As of October, myself and others headed back to the office – and hey, what better time than Fall! Fall offers fantastic fashionable offerings. My personal favorite is dressing up for the holidays.

This past week I went to my first of many holiday parties. I found a great Gatsby dress, the memo was festive with a touch of red. I hit it right on the mark! It’s so important for everyone to have a go to dress. A dress you can pull on for any occasion at any time. In addition, I’d say to keep a pair of black pumps, a great topper coat and, of course, great accessories also always on deck. Accessories are life savers and update any outfit in minutes!

There’s also nothing like getting a fresh dress for the occasion. However, if you make this choice, order in time for any potential alterations or necessary exchanges. You also want to make sure that it works and is functional for the occasion. Be sure to try on everything you plan to wear the night before. Go as far as to take a walk around your apartment or house to ensure comfortability. Yes, I’m suggesting doing a full test run of your selected outfit. Trust me, you’ll thank me later!

P.S. This holiday season, it's okay to be "just a little extra"!