April 25, 2023

A Mother’s Presence…

A Mother’s Presence…

A Mother’s Presence

The celebration of mothers, or Mother’s Day, is observed in over 50 countries around the world, with the U.S. honoring mothers on May 10th. The popular holiday recognizes motherhood and all the work that it encompasses. Being a mother is probably one of the hardest roles a woman can assume and is a lifelong job. There is no course or handbook that completely prepares one to step into a space of ultimate selflessness, but that is what mothers do (love, nurture, sacrifice and support) for their children. Parenthood calls for intentional sacrifice, and mothers become students and masters in training of the art of sacrifice from the moment they step into this important role.

To have a mother is a gift, and the absence of one is felt deeply. It is said that a mother's love is closest to God’s love. A mother's connection starts from the day of conception, and everything she feels her child feels. That intense connection, and the journey of motherhood, is one that evolves not just the child, but the mother as well. Mothers will tell you, it is a learning experience that presents some of life's most challenging moments, as well as some of its most memorable. It is because of the presence of my mother, and the life lessons that she imparted to me, that I believe I can be anything, go anywhere and do anything! From nurturer to supporter, a mother's touch, her very presence, is a powerful force. A mother is a treasure, one to be recognized and celebrated! Happy Mother’s Day!

Fun Fact

Mother’s Day was founded in 1908 by Anna Jarvis, a social activist and woman of faith. In 1914 the United States would declare Mother’s Day an official holiday. For many years, Jarvis tried removing the holiday from the calendar because she believed it had become too commercialized. 

How are you planning to celebrate this Mother's Day and let that special woman in your life know that she is loved and appreciated? Whatever you decide, make it special in your own way and convey a message of love that will be cherished and appreciated. 

With love,


Editor Samantha Hunter