March 01, 2024

Time To Let Go!

Time To Let Go!

Recently, I had the chance to be a guest on an Oprah Daily live tapping
During the segment I attended, the topic of "Forgiveness" was discussed.

From what I've gathered over the past year "Forgiveness" is fundamentally about "Letting Go". I find that releasing is crucial for fulfilling my life purpose and achieving my highest level of self-actualization. I've come to understand that clinging to things hinders and stops me from receiving.

Whatever you're holding onto works as a blockage, like a drain stopper in a bathtub. Holding onto things acts as a barrier in your life. Think about this - if your hands are closed and someone hands you something, can you take hold of it? It is impossible to hold and receive.

Forgiveness is necessary to free yourself from resentment, hurt and anger. Letting go of past pain and disappointment from a place of sovereignty brings peace and liberation. Releasing negative emotions creates space for positivity and personal growth. What will you release today?

With Love