May 05, 2024

“Spring” Time to Refresh Your Wardrobe!

“Spring” Time to Refresh Your Wardrobe!

As the seasons change, so should our clothing choices 👗.

The first steps in my seasonal wardrobe refresh is what I like to call the “closet flip”. Around the middle of May, I move my fall and winter clothes to the back of my closet, making room for my spring and summer wardrobe. Living in New York I have limited storage space. This simple switch not only maximizes space but also ensures that the clothes I need for the current season are easily accessible.

To kickstart the process, I use a clothing rack to display my most-worn items. This step not only makes it effortless to view and select my outfits but also facilitates hanging them back in my closet in an organized manner. Another key step is using felt-covered hangers. These hangers not only prevent slippery garments from slipping off but also because they are thin optimize space in my closet, allowing for a more efficient wardrobe setup.

As I go through my wardrobe, I also make note of any pieces that may need cleaning or repairs. By staying organized and proactive, I ensure that my clothes are always in top condition and ready to wear at a moment's notice.  But it doesn't stop there – I also apply the same process to my shoe collection. I take inventory of my summer shoes, trying on a few pieces to ensure they still excite me and fit comfortably. Any items that no longer spark joy are set aside for sale on platforms like Poshmark or donation.

By taking the time to refresh and renew your wardrobe each season, you not only keep your closet clutter-free but also discover new outfit combinations and rediscover old favorites. So why not join me in revitalizing your wardrobe this season? With a little organization and creativity, you can transform your closet into a space you love to explore every day.

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With Love,