February 20, 2023

“The Style Marshall”

“The Style Marshall”

Honoring Black History Month

Fashion represents expression and serves as a form of empowerment for Black people. It’s impossible to ignore the impact that African Americans have made within the fashion industry

Celebrity Stylist Danielle C. Marshall, is an extraordinary woman filled with faith, favor & fashion.

Danielle, also known as “The Style Marshall”, is an IMDB-credited costumer for film and television and a celebrity wardrobe stylist based in New York. Her clients range across multiple industries, including celebrity, corporate, arts and entertainment. Danielle styles for fashion shows, photo/video shoots, marketing campaigns and award shows. She also does closet makeovers and personal styling for client events such as weddings, the red carpet and TV appearances as well as rebranding for websites. Her keen eye for details and fresh approach to styling makes Danielle the perfect fit to balance both sophistication and groundbreaking fashion trends. Danielle’s professionalism, charisma and sheer talent are evident and highly demonstrated in all of her projects. Because of her versatility and creative mindset, Danielle is an influential style icon of her time.

This is just the beginning for Danielle, and I look forward to following her career as she continues to evolve as a fashion icon. 

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With Love,


Editor Samantha Hunter