October 14, 2023

Wait For "Your” Yes!

Wait For "Your” Yes!

Last month I had the fortune of visiting The Gold Coast (Accra, Ghana). The night before departing, our tour guide Hector The Selector presented us with two Ghanaian paintings. As soon as the canvases were in my hands, I knew instantly where I’d hang them and where I’d take them to be stretched. What I didn’t know then - was how this painting would lead me to another gift - A lesson I’d never forget.

Once back in New York, I went to a familiar framing shop in Westchester. Upon entering the store front, I noticed immediately the gentleman I’d worked with in the past was nowhere in sight. Instead, stood two men who I thought were the shops tradesmen.  When one of the workers greeted me, I was grateful for the ready attention to my presence. As we began to talk about the type of service I was interested in, I thought to myself wow - he seems to be genuinely vested in my customer experience.

After I explained what I wanted, the gentleman gave me his feedback and suggestions. The more we talked, the more intrigued I became. After a few minutes, I was prompted to probe a little. I asked directly about the owner, and that’s when Jose confirmed that he was new the owner. Befuddled slightly by his response I felt compelled to dig a little more.

Jose explained he was a craftsman by trade. Over the years he’d worked for other framing companies. One of his responsibilities while working at a frame company in New Jersey was to make deliveries. Jose used to make deliveries to the very shop he now owned. Over the years Jose had dreams of growing and advancing his career.  Jose recounted the many times he inquired about being promoted – only to fall on deaf ears and be told no. During this chapter of being told no, unbeknownst to him, his “Yes” was in a pending status waiting to be revealed.  

One day on a regular delivery route, a shop owner who Jose frequented often - offered him his business. The two men over the years had become friends and developed a bond. The owner was getting older and wanted to keep his business in Pelham. He trusted Jose to maintain what he’d worked so hard to build. I would suspect over the years the shop owner watched Jose and recognized his passion.

Jose not only became a new business owner, but also stepped into a thriving business with an existing, loyal clientele. When the creator and universe align and say yes, it’s a whole different vibe… So, take the no - for now, and wait for your “YES”!

“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven“ — Ecclesiastes 3 1:8

With Love,