December 29, 2023

What A Year!

What A Year!

I've been on a mental marathon lately, zooming past all the milestones I've hit and mis-counting my many blessings. It's easy to fall into the impostor trap, where we nitpick every little thing we could've done better. But this year, I made a promise to myself to focus on my growth- to nurture my mind and emotions. And when I look back, I can honestly say that my good days have far outnumbered the bad ones. Sure, I've had my share of stormy moments, but every time those grey clouds cleared, a rainbow danced across the sky. It's been a year since I took the leap to pursue my passion for art and storytelling, and I couldn't be more grateful for the journey so far!

Take a moment to look back at your own accomplishments this year? Did you jot them down or shout them out loud? Even if you took one step towards your dreams, give yourself a pat on the back! Just by planting that little seed of an idea, you've launched yourself into the universe's garden. 

Getting started is the toughest part, so if you’ve done that, keep growing and glowing!

Happy New Year!

With Love,