"Essence" Silk Twill Scarf

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A Versatile Fashion Accessory for the Bold. This oversized print, originally painted on canvas by yours truly is sure to elevate your look. Its grandeur effortlessly transforms the mundane into a statement piece. Essential for any wardrobe, Essence can be worn in a variety of ways – as a belt, head-wrap, or around your neck. Essence is designed for those with a distinct sense of style and a craving for luxury.

"She’s a summer breeze whose touch feels like grace. Every dip, curve, roundness of her hips and lips are made remarkably. She is the source and portal of life! She is bold, bright, and beautifully made. She is layered with strength, intellect, and beauty. She is brave, resourceful and intentional..."

Continue the story with this (100% silk twill) 34 x 40 scarf with hand-rolled ends. (Double-sided print)